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Posted by Wendy Johnson on 4/7/2021

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Designing your dream kitchen is a fun and exciting step in your home build or remodel. You’ll want to find the perfect cabinets, countertops, and sink for your new space. In addition to the aesthetic of the pieces you select, be sure to consider their functional value. Here are some smart ideas to keep in mind when designing your space. 

Intentional Storage Solutions

You’ll want to have functional spaces that store your belongings in a well organized, easily accessible way. Consider pull out cabinets that have built-in racks for your pantry stock or food storage containers. Kitchen items can get lost in deep cabinets, select medium depth to shallow cabinets with shelves to keep things within reach. Introduce lazy susan cabinets to activate otherwise wasted space. Look for options with shelves that rotate out when the door is open. Hidden trash drawers are perfect for keeping your space tidy, closing up food smells and opening up floor space.

Space for Appliances

One of the more difficult things to account for is space for smaller appliances like food processors, blenders and mixers. You need to store them but you also need space to use them. Building your kitchen from scratch allows you to make smart decisions about where and how you will use appliances. Instead of creating two spaces for your appliances, consider creating cabinet space or shelving that has built-in electrical outlets. This allows you to use the appliances in the same place that you store them.


You may be concerned about having ample space for meal preparation. Consider adding an island or introducing workspace through pull-out counter spaces or cutting boards. Including vertical storage solutions like pegboards, hooks, and shelving will help to keep counters clutter-free.

Before you work through the design aspects of your kitchen remodel, think about how you’ll use the space and design it meet the unique needs of your household.

Posted by Wendy Johnson on 4/10/2019

It has been written; the kitchen is the heart of the home. So, when walking through a model or open house, the kitchen is a significant appeal or detractor. Where the kitchen is relative to the rest of the living space is essential. The layout of the workflow can make or break the impression of the house as a whole. Any upgrades and extra convenience features can turn an ordinary kitchen into your culinary dream area. Other architectural choices can affect the ascetics of the property. 

Layout and Function

When looking at kitchen layouts, the choices are almost endless. How you use the kitchen will give you direction on what will work for you and your family. The number of people that will use the space at any one time can determine how much floor space in the kitchen you need. If you entertain often or tend to gather in the kitchen, an open concept may be up your alley. An island kitchen is another great idea for people who like to congregate and spend time in and around their kitchen. A raised bar on the island can help hide any messes while still enjoying the open island kitchen concept when entertaining.

Work Triangle

Placement of what chefs call the work triangle is an essential element in any kitchen layout. The triangle is made up of the placement of the refrigerator, sink, and oven/stove. In other words, gathering ingredients, prepping, and cooking. Having an optimize work triangle can increase your enjoyment in the kitchen. When touring open or model homes, walk the space as you would use it at home. You could visualize the steps you would take in that space to get your morning cup of coffee. Does the layout make sense concerning how you work in the kitchen?

Upgrades and Add-ons

Many remodeled and new construction homes boast kitchen upgrades that look impressive. A hot water dispenser alongside the sink is convenient, as is an ice cube and water dispenser built into the fridge. Look for those upgrades that lend themselves to helping you make better use of your time. Remember, the more gadgets there are, the more items to maintain. Go ahead and enjoy the undercabinet lighting, so you don’t stub your toes when grabbing that midnight snack. In addition to functional upgrades, some are just there for the overall esthetics; such as crown molding, Italian tile work, or pendant lighting over an island bar. Those can give an otherwise ordinary kitchen a “wow” factor that makes a real impression.

Contact your realtor for more information on locating your dream kitchen.

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Posted by Wendy Johnson on 2/7/2018

While home remodeling can be about getting your home some major cool points, you really want to be focused on the home remodeling projects that will provide you the greatest amount of return on your investment. There are certain home remodeling projects that just aren’t worth it. Others will help the value of your home truly soar. It’s important to invest your money carefully and thoughtfully. If you know that you’re moving in the near future, you may not even want to undertake remodeling projects for fear that they won’t be worth it. There are certain projects that are absolutely necessary for you to complete if you hope to get the top value for your home. You don’t ant to put in thousands of dollars with no sign of return for your investment. 

Think Simple

You don’t need to get complex when it comes to remodeling your home. Take a look at what needs help on the surface. This will include things like new kitchen countertops, replacing sinks, cabinet refacing, or floor retiling. Don’t bother with huge structural changes to the home. Also, keep in mind that someone else has a different taste than you. Keep things neutral. You might love a bright yellow kitchen, but it’s certain that the next owner will probably have a different preference. 

Work With What You Have

While you may wish that you had a lot more space and hope to put an addition on the home, the next owners could have a different vision. While there will be more square feet of living space, many buyers look at a home’s potential for them. There’s no sense in starting a bunch of huge construction projects that will only become a costly source of stress. 

Make The Necessary Repairs

Buyers will love a home that has a fairly new roof over one that will need a roof replacement within a couple of years. You should fix the things around the home that need to be tended to. This includes window replacements, roofs, electrical outlet work, and major yard issues. 

Don’t Forget The Outdoors

It’s important for your home to look good from the outside as well. Buyers appreciate a home that has been well taken care of. Take the time, money, and effort to keep up your lawn and outdoor landscaping. Planting some greenery around can never hurt. While new owners may have different tastes than you, it’s always a bonus to move into a house and have a little less work to do on the outside!

Posted by Wendy Johnson on 3/8/2017

If you are environmentally conscious and considering building a new home or remodeling your present property, maybe it is time to get smart. Smart home appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers) equipped with the latest advances in technology connect to online database energy prices. With just a click of an app on your laptop, tablet or smartphone you can program the appliances to operate when demand is lowest, and power is cheapest. Samsung and Whirlpool both offer smart washing machines, dryers, and other innovative home appliances. Sources: Whirlpool.com Samsung.com   JetBoard by Jet Products This is amazing stuff. Not only is it waterproof, fireproof, insect-proof and very strong, its made of lightweight magnesium oxide cement. JetBoard is applicable for use instead of plywood sheathing or gypsum board on interior walls, is perfect to replace backer board under tile and excellent for an outdoor application or where moisture or insect infestation is a problem. Totally environmentally friendly, even the sawdust from it is harmless. About $25 for a 4-by-8-foot, ½ -inch-thick panel; jet-board.com Source: Jet-Board.com Home Automation Control Switches Forget worrying if you walked out the house in a rush and forgot to shut off the coffee pot. With home automation switches a “tap on an app” is all you need to control home appliances. Turn off the coffee pot, turn on the lamp or start dinner in the slow cooker. If it has a plug, just plug it in to any lamp or small appliance and control the appliance remotely. Sources: Belken.com   Sensor Enabled Home Thermostats Wi-Fi and sensor-enabled thermostats, compatible with most home HAVC systems, comes equipped with an operating systems that reminds you of the temperatures you and your family prefer. The technology seems almost magical. The thermostat master control unit takes the temperature preference data, programs its self automatically, adjusts heating or cooling requirements to power saving settings when you are away, and saves money all with just a click of an app controllable from any mobile device. Lyric thermostat By Honeywell Designed with a friendly round shape to go with any décor, the Lyric thermostat requires no programming. It “magically” detects your comings and goings (actually, your smartphone's) from up tp seven miles away and automatically adjusts temperature settings to save energy. Sources: Nest.com Honeywell.com Automated Stainless Steel Trash Can Once you see this trash can operate, you have to have one. Forget germs and touching an unsanitary surface. The 45-liter semi-round sensor trash can opens with just a wave of the hand the remains open for as long as the task requires. Because it is crafted in an innovative half-round shape, it hugs the wall without hogging kitchen space. Source: SimpleHuman.com Space Age Technology For Home Counter Tops The very latest brilliant combination of technology, beauty, and function, Dekton countertops by Cosentino are crafted from porcelain, quartz, and recycled glass compressed under extreme pressure and heat to produce an ultra-strong, non-porous composite countertop that surpasses anything similar in the marketplace today. Because it is so strong, it can have a 12-inch overhang without support, making it an excellent choice for bar tops, islands and shelving. Because it is non-porous and easily cleaned with just the wipe of a damp cloth, it is well suited for both indoor and outdoor applications in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and craft studios. Source: Dekton.com

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