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Posted by Wendy Johnson on 4/7/2021

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Designing your dream kitchen is a fun and exciting step in your home build or remodel. You’ll want to find the perfect cabinets, countertops, and sink for your new space. In addition to the aesthetic of the pieces you select, be sure to consider their functional value. Here are some smart ideas to keep in mind when designing your space. 

Intentional Storage Solutions

You’ll want to have functional spaces that store your belongings in a well organized, easily accessible way. Consider pull out cabinets that have built-in racks for your pantry stock or food storage containers. Kitchen items can get lost in deep cabinets, select medium depth to shallow cabinets with shelves to keep things within reach. Introduce lazy susan cabinets to activate otherwise wasted space. Look for options with shelves that rotate out when the door is open. Hidden trash drawers are perfect for keeping your space tidy, closing up food smells and opening up floor space.

Space for Appliances

One of the more difficult things to account for is space for smaller appliances like food processors, blenders and mixers. You need to store them but you also need space to use them. Building your kitchen from scratch allows you to make smart decisions about where and how you will use appliances. Instead of creating two spaces for your appliances, consider creating cabinet space or shelving that has built-in electrical outlets. This allows you to use the appliances in the same place that you store them.


You may be concerned about having ample space for meal preparation. Consider adding an island or introducing workspace through pull-out counter spaces or cutting boards. Including vertical storage solutions like pegboards, hooks, and shelving will help to keep counters clutter-free.

Before you work through the design aspects of your kitchen remodel, think about how you’ll use the space and design it meet the unique needs of your household.

Posted by Wendy Johnson on 11/8/2017

Home renovations can be painful, inconvenient and noisy at best. This is because major home renovations generally aren't quick. In fact, the path to an upgraded home is multi-faceted.

There's the planning stage, which is the time to share your vision as to how you want your home to look after all of the noisy construction work is finished. Share your vision clearly and you'll be fascinated with the blueprints that designers and engineers create.

Getting to more home renovation enjoyment

Following the planning stage come pricing, team building and material gathering. Then, the upgrades begin. Renovate an entire room and you'll see and hear walls being knocked out. Dust and debris could fly and splatter, covering your floors and blanketed furniture.

A few days of this and you could start to regret the fact that you decided to widen a room, add new cabinets and counters to your kitchen or replace the flooring, tiles and shelves in your bathroom. Following are five options that could take the pain out of a home renovation:

  • Get clear about the specific project that you're going to undertake. Avoid turning one home renovation into four major upgrades. Definitely schedule a time for when the construction work will be performed. For example, you might want to steer clear of scheduling construction early in the morning.
  • Research what's involved in the home renovation. Find out how much time and money are generally needed to finish the work. You could even check out online videos to get a closer look at the upgrade process,including the background noise that comes with the work.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. This should be relatively easy if you pick a specific home renovation that you're going to perform and stick to that one renovation. You can always go back months later and pay for another upgrade. Also, price shop to get the best deal. By avoiding debt, you'll have one less thing to concern yourself with as your house is being improved upon.
  • Work with experienced, licensed contractors or interior designers. These professionals might charge a little more, but they could keep you from having to pay to repair shoddy work that less experienced professionals do.
  • Consider staying in a part of your house that's furthest from where the construction is being performed. It might also be a good idea to stay at a hotel or a relative's while your house is being renovated.

Home renovations don't have to be hard and painful

It can take the best construction crew weeks to finish major upgrades at your house. This can make staying at your house while it's being renovated aggravating. As a matter of fact, it's the hallmark home renovation noise, clutter and disorganization that keep some homeowners from making major changes to their house.

Fortunately,there are steps that you can take to make home construction less painful. Familiarizing yourself with activities that are involved the specific home renovations that you are getting is important. The better you understand and prepare for scheduled upgrades, the less aggravating the path to an improved house can be.

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Posted by Wendy Johnson on 7/22/2015

As an individual's taste changes, there often comes the need to make some adjustments to the environment in which they live. Making changes to the home is typically where one starts. Home renovation projects can range from a complete overhaul, to changing out dated decor and appliances, to simply repairing or replacing furnishings and accessories. The most important factor in fixing up your home is that the end result reflects your personal taste and style. Another reason for renovating a home is for the purpose of expansion. Additional rooms may become necessary when children are born, or relatives move in. The decision to add a tenant to your home will also results in the need for renovation and expansion. The correct balance of living space and occupants is key in maintaining a happy home. A home can also be renovated to increase its value. Homeowners often decide to fix up their house when they are preparing to sell. Home improvements typically increase the value of the property, as well as improve its general appearance. Prospective buyers are attracted to houses in excellent shape as opposed to those in need of repairs. Government assistance programs can also assist individuals in need, such as the elderly and disabled with renovating their homes. Taking on projects that improve the living condition of the home as well as raising their standard of living. Renovations to an older home may include the replacement of a heating system, upgrading a bathroom and installing safety accessories, or simply applying fire resistant paint or wall paper. Their main focus being placed on providing a safe living environment. The following factors should be considered prior to starting a renovation project: Budget The home owner must first decide how much they can afford for home improvements, then base the extent of the renovation accordingly. Setting a strict budget will help guide the choice of materials to be used, and determine whether the job will need to be done by the homeowner or a professional can be hired. Materials The choice of materials, equipment and accessories to be used for home improvement projects is very important. Substandard materials should not be used. This is where the advice or services of professionals comes in handy. It is also advised that a professional accompanies the home owner when purchasing the materials to ensure their taste is also taken into consideration. Government Policy There could be a local authority directive on materials, paints and structure restricting how homes in a particular areas should be renovated. Thus, the owners have no choice but to follow the government’s directives. Skills For projects that are not very big and where the owner has the required skills, time, tools and equipment, they can go ahead and do it themselves. However, when the renovation project is large, requiring multiple skills, the services of licensed professionals is mandatory. Always be careful with who you hire, do your research to ensure they will provide the services you need at a competitive price.